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This has been such a long hard road i have been on. 4 mths broken up after 4years of being together. Ended very messy. I started NC finally 3 weeks ago, as he told me im dead to him, ect ect. At that time I told him i didnt want my things back, as i had been asking for them back since the break up.


Last night went outside and low-and behold a box of my stuff was sitting there. No call, no knock on the door,so cold and heartless.


feel like im back at the start again. Last week i was just telling everyone, how proud I was that i had'nt criedin over 2 weeks, almost thought i couldnt haha, but after last night i know i can cry again.

I dont understand, when i wanted my stuff he made no effort to meet, drop off i even gave him the option to send via courier. Finally when i dont want it anymore he brings it.


I feel like it just messed me up more.

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Sorry this is the way it is going down for you. It is a tough road, I know. I recently split from my husband (got back together). But during the time we were separated NC would have made it easier for both of us. Unfortunatley with two children and one vehicle NC was not a option for us. Cry all you need to cry, it makes you feel better, and start your process all over again. you can do it.

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