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Ex girlfriend's auntie contacted me last night

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I've not spoken to my ex in three weeks and I have no intention of ever getting contact with her again. My ex has made her point very clear that I am nothing to her (not even as a friend).


Given how my ex has treated me and how messy the break up was I really have no idea why her family still bother with me. I don't have a problem with her family or anything mind you but all the text did was bring my ex into my head again.


I've recently realised that all my ex does now is make me angry and I wouldn't want her back if you paid me.


Her auntie text me at 10.30pm last night saying: "Hey! Hope you're OK. Sending you some Italian love. xxx"


I responded saying it was nice to hear from her, that I was fine and wished her family (husband and son) all the best. She then told me not to be a stranger and that my ex's little sister sends her love.


It's tricky. Her family were always so lovely to me and I don't want to be rude to them just because my ex turned out to be a heartless coward.

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You were part of their circle for a while, and they may be genuinely sad and unhappy that the breakup occurred. When you broke up with her, you broke your connection to them, and that is always tough if they liked you. especially if she felt 'motherly' towards you or saw you as part of the family, she will be sad to lose that connection.


If it bothers you to get contact from them, next time just don't respond or tell them you're fine and have moved on. It was just a friendly 'check up' call and those do also fade with time.

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