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Should I be mad at her for standing me up?


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Hey people


I have a gf of 15 months who lives right next door to me. Last night the following happened:


She has been invited to a dodgeball game at the local university she attends. It turned out to be a major event with over a thousand people. They had to dress up and form teams, like in Dodgeball the movie. She said that she wants to see me afterwards when she gets back. She left to be there at 6pm.


I asked her if she wanted to have supper with me tonight afterwards seeing that my dad's mom was staying with us, he decides to have a braai (barbeque). I also told her that we woud probably be eating late-ish around 8 or so. She said yes with optimism.


I get a phone call from her at 20:50. 5 minutes before we had supper. She has to wait for her parents who were coming from a nearby mall to fetch her at the university. She says that I should eat without her. Fair enough, its late anyways, I'm starving. So now we are having supper at a table set for 5. But one spot is empty next to me.


She gets home at like 21:30. Long after supper was done. I left her a plate in the microwave. She phones and wants to show me her costume. She apologises a bit about being so late and explained she was actually leaving early from there. She still stood me up at dinner, I thought.


She gets herself cleaned up and comes over for her dinner. We conversed about her night. We go lie down in my bed afterwards and she is sicker than ever with her flu. I personally don't think its a good idea to be playing dodgeball at night in Winter time when you have a flu. Especially when you made dinner plans with somebody.


When she apologised I said it was fine, but I can't help to feel that I should be at least a tiny bit upset at her for standing me up so she could go play dodgeball in the cold night while she has a flu. The thing is she didn't anticipate for the night to be going on for that long and she had to wait for her parents to finish their dinner at the mall. So I played it out so that it appeared that I wasn't mad because I shouldn't be. Plus she apologised for being late.


Am I being too soft? Is this one of those Drop-It-And-leave-It-Alone things?




Should I say something about her standing me up?


The healthy option is probably to just drop it, but I can't help but feel a bit mad at her still, why is this?


I probably answered my own questions to a minor extent, this is more venting than anything else. Thanks for reading anyways.

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like green said, she didn't actually stand you up, she gave you calls keeping you updated and apologizing to you for being late. Anyway, shes been your girlfriend for 15 months, to me it seems like there would be some leniency at that point =/


I'd just drop it and let the negative feelings seep away

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