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Are men complicated or are Women?


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I am irritated by my current boyfriend right now! It might be me or him....He is out at a bar with his friends and I am at work...all I asked him if he was going to pick me up after work but he started acting like a jerk and said do whatever I want....he had already said that he was but I was double checking because I didn't know about the plans he had about going to the bar. I dont think he needed to be a jerk. I also mentioned it to him that I wanted to go visit my aunt because my uncle came over from North Carolina and I wanted to spend some time. To be honest I didn't want him around my family smelling like cigarrette and beer!!! Am I wrong and over reacting or is he just being a jerk?

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He hasn't gone out. When I first met him he would go everyday after work. But once we started dating he stopped. Well he turned it around on me. I was mentioning it to him that I wanted to go to my aunts. I know I didnt quite invite him but he didnt let me finish. He automatically said "Well it seems like you don't want to see me, so do whatever you want...have your sister pick you up. I'll call you when I am done with this beer...Who know's how long that will be" I said "fine I'll have her pick me up" and hung up. Its really irritating!!!>

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Eh, hard to tell what's going on here exactly.


Could be that he just doesn't want to go to the Aunt's place and would rather spend time with his friends at the bar.


It sorta sounds like he's already annoyed about something else and is taking it out on you this way.


When you asked him to pick you up at work the first time how did you ask?


I've gotten angry with a gf before because at some point she no longer was asking me for anything, but rather making the motions of asking while expecting compliance. If I said anything but yes to her request she'd get angry or rude and I didn't feel like I was being appreciated for the times I would drop what I was doing to help her do something. (Kinda got the feeling I was a chauffeur at times...)

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Neither, people just lack understanding because they have a tendency to see things only from their own perspective.


Your problem seems to be that you are too dependent on your bf, you need to detach yourself from him such that he doesnt have to pick you up from work and take you where you need to go. You have other options and there are other people to ask.

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Maybe he has someone else. Men are HARD to understand. Men are so the weaker sex.


Men are the weaker sex no doubt on that. I am glad some1 else thinks this way! =)


Just FYI, if you want unbiased viewpoints from the opposite sex you might wanna avoid the male bashing. heh

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I dont depend on him. Its just temporary. Car is in the shop right now. And when I do have my car he depends on me always driving or driving to his house so he wont have to drop me off, he can just go to sleep! and I still have to drive back home! I asked nicely the first time. and just double checking the second time since he was out at the bar.

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i don't think it's fair to label one sex more complicated than the other. every person is different which gives the impression that that sex is confusing. i don't think you over reacted, its always a good thing to double check just to make sure nothing important (on his side) has come up like a family emergency. so i think he was in the wrong for over reacting but i also think that you could have invited him to your family's house if you could have given him a few minutes to clean up at home or something?


i know exactly how you feel about the bar situation because i dated a girl who would always go out and treat me like dirt when she was with her friends partying.

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