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Caffeine + Anxiety?...

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Those with Anxiety (any type)


Does drinking caffeine (ie; coke, coffee, tea, etc) heighten it?


I'm just wondering, because I've had some coke, and I'm feeling very anxious and jittery right now, my heart rate is a bit jumpy too, I suffer from severe anxiety, so I was just wondering... does caffeine heighten anxiety?


Just curious.


I rarely drink coke by the way, I try not to make a habit out of it.

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caffeinated drink does make people anxious/depressed. There are numerous studies done and this has been proven.


Coffee and English tea are 2 major contributors to withdrawal/anxiety/depression.


Whatever you do, never get into the habit of drinking Coffee or English tea. Coke is bad in a sense that there are too much sugars in them, caffeine dosage equal to the amount of mildly brewed English tea.

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It takes a lot of caffeine for me to actually feel anything from it, like one of the largest Red Bulls that they have out now. I can say that when I drink one (usually drink it within 30 minutes) I feel good for the first 30 minutes or so, and then I go into freak out mode, yet I can't stop drinking them, even though I know its going to happen.

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From personal experience, it's a cause.


Never really read up on scientific journals.


For a long time when i was in High school, i couldn't identify the reason to my chronic anxiety/depression. I wasn't smart enough to identify that caffeine was the cause. So 1 cup of intensely brewed milk tea per day really took all my energy away. I was constantly late for school, get bad grades, and moody.

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Think in spectrum. It's not something you 100% have or have not, but 2 causes will certainly heighten the anxiety you're feeling.



Some people are more tolerant to caffeine, so drinking it mildly affects them. Usually people are tolerant enough to have a cup of coke without feeling anything. But you may be less tolerant given your situation.

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Well I do have a mild case of depression and I do suffer from anxiety. When I take caffeine it makes me feel sort of jaded, and it gives me a really bad stomach ache. It makes me feel like throwing up. I guess it's different for each person.

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I know what you mean, I have anxiety also and it is a mental illness, I hate to put it so bluntly, but it is true. I am actually on paxil. before i was on paxil, caffine made my anxiety so much worse, it made me more irritable and it sometimes was what brought on a full anxiety attack. I cut out all caffine and I was so much better, but not cured, it all came back, your body adjusts to having, or not having a certain drug and your brain sort of settles down and goes back into it's normal routine. I mean it's not like I'm a doctor or anything but can I ask you, are you on medication for this? even supplements?

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