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Dumb question..but can't do anything about it now

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Hi...ok..well, Today I had my cellphone turned off but checked my voicemail at 8pm. I listened to my voice mail message and received a job offer asking me to call back for more info. I can't call right now because it's too late...(after business hours) WELL, it's friday today...and nobody's working until Monday.


I'm an idiot for doing this. What should I say when I call back Monday morning?


Also, I have another job right now...so..should I give them 1 weeks notice before I start the new job? Or just start right away so I won't seem inconvenient to them?


When they ask "when can you start?" - what is the usual time frame for people switching jobs? is 1 week appropriate? or 3 days?


I'm trying to find the company I work for right now..but I don't have the policy..it's a call center...


any help is appreciated greatly....

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They won't think less of you for not returning their call right away, after all you're working at another job and they'll respect the fact that you don't answer your cellphone while you're at work. Just call them Monday morning and tell them you're returning their call from Friday. You should give your current job at least one weeks notice, even two if possible. The new employer will also respect you for that, it will let them know that you won't end up leaving them with no notice at some point. You'll also want to leave your current job on good terms in case you need them for a reference at some point, and leaving without notice won't look good on you. Good luck with the new job!

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Please, please, please, give at least two weeks notice before taking another job. Failure to do this is not taken lightly if you ever want to use this place as a job reference. Giving notice well in advance is the classy thing to do, really it is. I have always done that and have reaped the rewards of a very good reputation and excellent job references.

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Thanks all, I checked the employee resign policy at my current job and they said they didn't have an exact number of days or weeks policy for giving notice of leave. But they did tell me to let them know in advance like 2 days or a week. They basically said it's not a big deal as long as I tell them beforehand. I guess I will give them 24 hrs notice.

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