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A book recommendation

Steve 7745

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One book I've read on breaking up was by John Gray (writer of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus), called Starting Over.


The book was designed to help us through mourning on our way through a death, a great loss or a break up. Effectively, the emotions we all feel are pretty much the same for all of these.


One of the big deals for this book is that we all feel a tremendous amount of emotions that burden us. Because of our lives, we typically have to put our emotions on hold for a while in order to continue to work or be there for others. These emotions never go away, they just need to be explored at a later date by recalling memories or visiting old places a couple used to hang out.


These four cardinal emotions are anger, fear, sorrow and sadness.


Anger is either the easiest or the hardest one to feel. If someone cheated on you is easier, if you broke up with someone because you didn't feel the two of you connected, it's a lot harder. Fear is just that, while the difference between sadness and sorrow can be defined on a personal level. To me, sadness involves the things you will miss from the relationship, while sorrow is apologetic and consists of the things you regret doing.


Take a look. It's a short book and worth the read.

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I agree with the anger thing. When I broke up with my first ex I hated her guts. I would just put on some Too Short or something and just let my anger seep into the music. I wouldn't want to associate woth that. Made it real easy to move on. I have nothing to hate about the current ex. Makes me sad

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