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He likes me, he likes me not?

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Say theres a guy, and you know him from him coming into your work, you have causual chats then you start exchanging emails.


But you dont know if hes interested?


Hes made comments about being shy around girls he likes


And comes in specially to see me


And is coming round to watch movies with me....


does he like me :S

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Im not over the ex


But i see no harm in casual dating


Im not a blubbering wreck, no, he chose not to be with me, we were seeing eachother twice a week for two months, and it was like we were broken up then. Hes out having a good time...why shouldnt I be?


I was joking my dear....


And no reason why you should put your life on hold for anyone....I sure as heck wouldn't either.

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And im just enjoying life, I really really like this guy, I just have no idea if the feelings are returned...



Shy guy or not, you will know soon enough I think. He will want to hang out in your company a lot more, think of diff reasons and any reason to be around you, call you and text you more perhaps...


I think its great that you have found someone you really really like and hope that everything works out for you, the way you want it too. Good Luck

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