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Unsure what to do for career,any advice ?.

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Hi.I'm unemployed at the moment,as i am unsure what i want to do.I want to apply to acting agencies,so i can have a chance at doing some acting work for film and television,but i would also like to go and work in either australia or america for afew months,doing any kind of seasonal work.The thing is,if i do get on with an agency,i might not be able to do the seasonal work abroad,as an acting job might come up somewhere.I know both of these jobs would be part time,but i dont necessarily need a full time job as i'm not married and dont have kids e.t.c.I think now would be the best time to do it as i am 24.



The problem is,i'm not sure if i have the confidence to go and work abroad,although this could help me gain confidence.I worry about going there alone,but i would love to travel.Also,i live with my dad,and he isnt very supportive.It's like as long as i live under his roof,i have to live by his rules,even though i am 24 and i should be able to do what i want.The problem is he is at retirement age and is divorced,so he thinks i should stay withh im i think and help him.Yes,he had me late in life,my mum is alot younger than him.He thinks i should have a full time office job or something like that.My mum and other family members have been supportive of my acting ambitions,but they dont know i want to work abroad aswell.They are quite over protective.I also worry about the cost of working abroad,my family may have to contribute some money towards it,which is another reason why i would have to mention it to them.


With the acting work,it may be in this country aswell.


Anyone have any advice on how i could talk my family round to these ideas and how i can get independance away from them ?.Also do you know anything about acting agencies ?.I've found some websites for working abroad though.

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With acting you may get to travel at some point, if you become successful. You seem to be really feeling the push to get into acting, so I say follow that push.


As far as your dad your just going to have to move out and maybe then he'll find a girlfriend or something. Your living situation is unhealthy if he wants you to stay and take care of him.


As far as going to Aus. to work for a while, Where would you live while there? I suppose you could get roommates. But I think your best option for now is trying out the acting and seeing where it goes if anywhere. Then if that doesn't work out you can always follow your other dream.


Good luck!

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Thanks very much.It sounds like a good idea.So do you think i should get my own place here first and pursue acting first ?.I suppose it would be best for me to live on my own,as then no one can tell me what to do.


I have heard of work and travel programs in australia,i'm not sure if they help with accommodation though.I'd have to look into that.


I think it's wrong of my dad to tell me what to do.I know not everyone makes it into acting,but i might have a good chance if i apply for extra/supporting artist roles,aswell as bigger roles,and there are plenty of agencies to choose from.He also puts alot of pressure one me,so thats another reason to move out.

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