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That day you broke up any hurtful comments?

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My ex on the day of the breakup told me I was "not that special" and "that wasn't real love" them comments still hurt to this day, to be told that by someone who would tell you everyday they love you from the bottom of there heart and show it and would die for you doesn't make sense to me


Now all I can think is did she really mean that?, was it just said in anger?, I just get why she said those things.


My question is did any of you get hurtful comments the day of the breakup?, and do you agree with what they said?, or was it just out of anger?.

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She wrote a 3 page list of everything I has said or done wrong to her in the last seven years.


She remembered every argument and comment I had made.


She said I would be a "terrible father" and that I was "not a nice person".


She fully intended to get back with me, so this was meant as constructive criticism at the time.


We never got back together so it hurt like hell. Until I realised that SHE was not a nice person, she was the one that left me and got together with someone else 4 weeks later, she is the one who deprived her nieces of a great uncle(they loved me).


She thought cos she went to church once a month that she was a 'good person' ha ha ha ha.


I have never met a bigger hypocrite in my life.

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Do you believe what she said to be true? Her opinion of you doesn't matter anymore, but your opinion of yourself does matter a great deal. Many times words are said to hurt or justify their actions. In my case my wifes cheating suddenly brought forth all my faults for the last 12 yrs of a 20 yr relationship. She was trying to justify what she had done by piling up every negative thing she could remember to make herself feel better about what she had done. Like me not talking to her sister the right way 8 yrs ago makes lying and cheating okay. Consider the source as you ponder what was said. If you find some truth in it and you don't like that you are that way, take steps to move away from that. I have learned a great deal about myself from what she has done, for you this to can be a learning expeirence.



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