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He stopped in my place of work today to give me some money he owed. I went outside to lock it in my car, since I didn't have very deep pockets. He followed me out to my car and was lingering around. I knew something was up.


He said (teary eyed) his life wasn't going as planned and he wasn't all that happy. He said he was sorry for the way he treated me. He said that I was a good person and that I didn't deserve what he did to me.


At this point I told him "Thank you. And I hope you get everything out of life that you want" and turned and walked away. I don't know where this would have gone if I didn't walk away. Don't want to know. A little upset that once I finally had a handle on the situation and looking forward to a new life, he would pull this.


For those of you who know my story, I guess his bubble burst and reality is settling in. His 'wife' is also now demoted to his 'best friend'.


Just for the record, there's no way I would even consider getting back with him. Rather be by myself, at least I'd be in good company!

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That is exactly what I fear most coming from my stbx! I don't want to be put in that position......ever. I would literally give my life for my son and his happiness so I don't know what I would do. I find it strange that the thing I wanted so much in the very beggining of all this, is the same thing I don't want to face.

I am very proud of you and your strength. You have come so far in such a short time. Let us all have good thoughts for Mishmash today and her strength and courage through all that she has been through.



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He said (teary eyed) his life wasn't going as planned and he wasn't all that happy. He said he was sorry for the way he treated me. He said that I was a good person and that I didn't deserve what he did to me.


Wow, he is exactly right!! You didn't deserve what he did and you deserve someone better in you life.


Good for you, hey give me a shout some time, we're due for lunch or girls night out.

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Miss Mash,


Well, it looks as though you have been somewhat vindicated. Actually, he came to his "senses" pretty quickly. Some or most never do. I would venture to say that he needs to seek some professional help.


As for girl's night out, how about ENA night out? I only live 1,000 miles from you guys! Just kiddin'.

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Thanks everyone for your support, through ALL of this. So many emotional twists, and this one really took me by surprise.


BSBH - I agree about letting him lie in his bed. I think he made some pretty terrible choices, but I am beyond the point of feeling that I need to help him.


Lost - Like you I would have given anything in the beginning to save the marriage. But at this point it is too broken. There would be no trust or love, and I would always wonder when the next time would be (not if) that he would have an affair or just walk away again. As far as the kids relationship with him, that is another can of worms.


M.E. - I will message you!


John - It's funny, but being vindicated doesn't really feel all that good. I just feel sad and pity him. I don't understand why, though.

Anyway, I'm sure Just M.E. won't mind if she and I meet you halfway!!!

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OOOHHHH!!! Didn't we all just see this one coming?? His little twin fart love affair stinks for what it really is!!! Funny how he came to talk to you instead of one of the new friends he made in one of his little leaf cities. Boy I bet he is feeling stupid in just epic proportions and a huge KUDOS to you!!


I know there is no happiness in being "right" in this situation, but atleast you are the rock that has held you and your kids together through all this. I am so glad to hear you say you have no intentions of taking him back. Sometimes when they come at you all teary eyed and "sincere" its tough.


I gotta tell you girl, you are so much stronger than me! I probably would have just lashed out with every bit of sarcasm & anger at him. I have read all your posts & he is such a ridiculous person that I know you just feel nothing but pity for him now...but still...would have been hard!!!

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