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need someone to talk to


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at the start of 2008 i began to spin into a suisidal state of mind. i was feverish with depression and desperate for a way out. i felt ugly, used, torn, betrayed and hated. everyone ive ever trusted has betrayed me in some way, and made excuses to justify there actions as harmless means to make themselfs happy.


nothing thats ever made me happy has ever lasted more then a week unless its had a big downside...


i feel like the cruel hand of fate always points in my direction (i know, i know, over dramatic, but it gets the point accross)


i wont make it long, i know it can be offputting sometimes.


thanks for listening.

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I'm sorry for how you feel. I think I have been there. there were times in my life that I tried to understand why is everyone betraying me and all the bad things happens to me! Well, someday things will change if you hang in there for sure. like it happened to me. but they always change they gets better and someday else worse. you know what I mean?

just stand up and try to make life better in whatever way you can. you are quite young. I really wish I was your age now!

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^^^^Ditto! its not that uncommon for people to be in your situation. I've been there too. Something that helped me, was looking for things to do. hear me out on this. after seriously looking at random things/activities/whatever, I found myself really interested in electronics. I had some old RC cars, slot cars, even an old nintendo, and started to see how they worked. flash to now, and Im halfway through an Electrical Engineering Degree. Enough about me.

Point is, that you dont need other people to make you happy. You have to find your own happiness. There's something out there for everyone, hell even if you think you like something, and it turns out you dont, keep looking!

Hope this helps

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the two posters above me have given awesome advice, but yeah your still young, there must be alot of things you enjoy or a hobby you could take up! but remember like MilesDyson said we have all been there before =\, but chin up cause all things happen for a reason in my opinion

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