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Not let-down, but realizing...


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I've never been in a real relationship until now and it's only been a couple weeks. We go out to movies and dinners and things together. We have not had sex but have done a few other things besides it. I'm just surprised at how I don't feel that different. I'd spent years hyping up relationships to be this life-altering thing because all my friends were getting into them, but I'm just realizing it's not that different. Is that about right to most of you? I feel as if it's pretty much the same except I have a really good friend who's a girl who will hold my hand and kiss me and things. That's about the major difference. Is there more to it that I'm not getting from her or is it just not what I had built it up to be? I don't know, I guess I just imagined there was more to it.

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