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i cant work out what he thinks - complex


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ok so i dont know where else to ask this but i have been single for nearly 3 months now and im working really hard

but i reconnected with this guy now we went to the movies the other night he came early and asked to go for a drink wasnt expecting that it was weird i cant guage if he is attracted to me or not

we have done the deed twice 4 years ago and it was awkward and bad and then he went away and i said oh thanks for letting me know and he was like we are not close anyway and it was really rude...

anyway so years pass i had a boyf for 2.5 years we sorta had the odd msg on the net going back and forth

and i really enjoy talking to him but i was so awkwardly nervous argh I HATE IT so at the end of the night i sent a message as he had to run to get the last transport link as the movie finished nearly at midnight!

i sent a text saying hope you got home ok thanks for coming he wrote back

no worries all good i got the last ferry keep in touch


not really sure how to handle it now i wish ic ould be honest and say I LIKE U AND LIKE TALKING TO U but its a bit awkward with out past

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Well maybe he just wants to start out as friends first as you guys had a past. Like get to know you again so i wouldn't rush into thinking oh he doesn't like me or anything. I would just chill out and be yourself. And if you really wanna tell him that you like him send him a text after your night out and be like oh i really enjoyed tonight, i have alot of fun with you speak soon xox. so that way your kind of telling him how you feel but being friendly at thee same time. Good luck x

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