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LDR trouble... confusing situation

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Hey, I think I know how to respond to this, but I would appreciate some second thoughts… thanks:


My boyfriend (of a few years) and I are in a long distance relationship of indefinite duration. Our best guess is that is that it will last a couple years… It’s been a confusing time: although we love each other very much, we are going in separate directions. I should note that this is not the first time we’ve been apart. A year ago, we finished slugging through 14 emotional months.


During a trip recently, I made a friend who I instantly connected with (let’s just say, our friendship lent itself to bit of the mind reading and intuitive understanding). One night, we became drunk with a group of friends. All of us became very affectionate (no kissing, but cuddling). After the others went to bed, my friend and I lied on the floor, holding each other, and talk. When I realized what I was doing, I told him I couldn’t continue, and we haven’t spoken since. Even though I stopped things from going further, I feel terrible.


I do not know how to approach this situation with my boyfriend. Our communication has been sparse this summer, due to a massive time difference, inability to connect well via emails, and conflicting schedules. Should I even burden my LDR with this?

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Had you gone further that night, it'd be a different situation...but you didn't, so I wouldn't say anything about it.


I was in a LDR for a year, and one thing I came to realize is that no matter how much you love your significant other, sometimes you just need someone to be close to (maybe even if it's just a hug or a cuddle). It's hard to be committed to a relationship without ever "seeing" or feeling your relationship, so to speak.

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