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Match profile changed SIGNIFICANTLY!


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Bear with me, as I am new to online dating services. After several emails by me (and her) I got her number and said I'd call after my upcoming weekend trip to set up a date. I check my account again today and notice that her profile has changed RADICALLY.


EVERYTHING on her profile changed. This includes her screen name, profile about me, height, what she's looking for...and age (23 to 50!!). I remembered the name of the previous profile, and couldn't find it through the search engine on Match.


This just doesn't make sense to me. Anyone heard of this happening before?

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How's it possible that she changed her name? I've had the same name for years and would like to change it something more suiting to me now, not when I was 20's. I don't think you can change your name on link removed is what I'm saying.

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....I think he's joking


He's looking at a different profile, see. That's the joke. Different name, age, picture, interests, etc... this is a different profile. That's... that's the punchline.



Well then...




pip pip, cheerio.



I am NOT joking. Literally. EVERYTHING has changed. To think I was not crazy...I clicked on "Messages" at the top, as Match saves all your e-mails (if you haven't deleted them). They were still there, but from a different user name. The e-mail titles were exactly the same, as were the e-mails themselves.


I know I sound crazy. I'll click the little button about reporting someone and say "this is odd, Match. Take a peek."

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okay, just move on. dont worry about it. as a fellow guy on match, i'll tell you that you're going to get alot of hits and misses, mostly misses initially. dont sweat that weird situation, and just keep on lookin'. Hell, you can even call there customer service line for advice on your profile, if you're not sure if yours will "work". PM me if you need any more advice.

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Okay...this is interesting...


I went through the woman's pictures. There are two posted that have the original woman in it. I recall from the original profile that the girl had a freckle above her lip...I can see the freckle in both of the new pictures on the new profile.


All I can think is that a mother and daughter are sharing an account. Nonetheless, this is odd. If this is the case, why wouldn't she warn me of a change (maybe others haven't believed her in the past)?


And you can change your screen name, Jetta (hell you can even change your b-day). Goto Help-->Account Settings (middle of the page)---> Click on the first FAQ question!

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