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Getting unemployment benefits??

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Hi everyone, i have a question about getting unemployment. I am trying to file for benefits. I worked a total of 11 hours since the last time i filed. I have been trying and trying, but i can't get a job, and everytime i go on an interview, the hiring person looks at my belly like there is a problem because i'm about 6 months pregnant. Judging by how thing are going, i don't think i'll be able to really work until after the baby gets here in November because i returning to college full time in september.


Anyway, i found out that i may be eligible for three more months of unemployment benefits, which would be such a blessing right now while i am looking for work since i have rent to pay, bills, and a baby on the way. The only thing is, the letter i got in the mail says i have to notify the claim center if i have worked anywhere since the last time i filed.


I had went to 11 hours of orientation at a job i ended up hating, and they never called me back. The only thing is, the orientation was paid, so i have a paycheck waiting there. So basically i was on their payroll. Do i need to notify unemployment about those hours i got paid? I never went to pick up or cash the check, but now i am worried that I won't get benefits because they might look as it as i quit the job.


I called to get benefits today, and made the mistake of mentioning it, and they said they have no record of me working there, but if i am on the payroll, i need to go pick up my check, provide them with info from the paystub, then they have to contact the former place of employment to find out what happened with my employment. Now i wish i hadn't said anything.


I was thinking i should just call unemployment next week and hopefully get to talk to someone different, and just not say anything about it, but i'm not sure what to do now. Does anyone have advice?

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Its sort of discrimating eh? But most likely the fact that people wouldn't want to hire you on the account of giving you maternity leave. So have you tried wearing those sort of shirts that, whats the best way to describe, tight on top loose on belly? I seen professional ones like that, free flowing below the breasts so they can't tell if you have a belly.

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redhearts- I know what kind of shirts you are talikng about. I have a few casual shirts like that, but i haven't found any that hide the belly well. You can still tell i'm getting big. I thought nobody could be able to tell im pregnant by wearing a loose, flowing shirt, until a gas station clerk and a lady at the bank asked when i was due..lol. I just wear button-downs to interviews. I would wear a big coat if it wasn't summertime. Thanks!

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Honesty is always, always, always the best policy. The 11 hours you worked won't have an impact on whether you can be awarded benefits. Benefits are decided depending on your separation from the different employers whom you worked for prior. If you were justifiably fired or quit, you can be denied benefits or they can give you a waiting period (a waiting period is more likely than complete denial...that only happens when you're caught doing something very bad).


But you should still apply, what is the WORST they can do? Say no? So what? More than likely, you willl get something out of applying for benefits.


Now, about reporting the wages - yes of course you should report them. Otherwise, they might find out and then deny everything. So don't put yourself in that position. And you do need to go and get that check - that is your money. Even if you were only being paid $6.00/hour, that's $66.00. Are you just going to throw it away?


Is this your first child? Soon you will find that sometimes you just have to take actions and not worry about your fears. All the what ifs will start falling away when you are faced with the reality of your child.

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smilingturnip- Thanks for replying. I was thinking about not reporting the hours because it was not a stable job. However, as you said, i do not want them to find out another way, and have to be fined or pay all the money back or something, but they told me they had no record of that job, and that was a month ago when i worked those hours.

Yes, the worst they can do is say no, because i have already been notified by mail that i have 3 more months left, and that would help me immensely considering i am pregnant, and have an apartment, car, food and gas to pay for. It would be a shame if i could not get my last 3 months of benefits because I worked 11 hours at a sucky minimum-wage job that never called me back. When i called the job to ask about my paycheck, they said i had ben on the schedule, but never showed up. Well no one told me what my schedule was, or called me, and its been about a month. I was just nervous about them telling the unemployment center that, because they might consider it as I refused work, making me ineligible. I am going to get my paycheck, though. Thanks.

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That 11 hours will not disqualify you. Unemployment works a lot differently from welfare (can't think of another word for it, sorry). I used to process unemployment claims and know a lot about it. Don't worry. Just keep taking the next right action. Don't do anything dishonest, because you will pay in the end, one way or another. There could be many reasons they have not reported the wages, one of which could be a simple error that they may later fix and then find out about them if you have not shared the information.


Regarding the scheduling bit, always recognize your own part in everything. It's also your job to check on your schedule to be vigilant about that. It's a good awareness to have.

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