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Cabbage Soup Diet

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I was just wondering whether anyone has done this before?


I know it's meant to be a quick fix diet but you'll probably gain it back, but i want to lose some weight for next weekend as i'm seeing people i haven't seen in a while and i want to look good.


I'm normally pretty healthy anyway and i exercise daily but it's just not shifting. I just want something done for next weekend then when i'm finished the diet i'll carry on being healthy and i'm going to get a personal trainer!


Stories, good or bad are most welcome as i want to look at the pros and cons before starting it (meant to be starting it tomorrow).


Thanks xx

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I might be thinking of a different soup diet, but my mum went on the cabbage soup diet before. It didn't quite work at first go, but the second time around she edited the soup recipe to be more appetizing... added lots of veggies and her own mixture of spices like curry and chili peppers. (Spices won't affect the outcome of the diet whatsoever.)

If it is the same diet I'm thinking of, the instructions state that you have to eat other food as well, right? Like the first day it's soup and fruit, the second day it's soup and something else, etcetera? Follow this but don't be religious to it. Replace your main entree with the soup and just eat sensible otherwise... it will keep you from getting sick of the routine.

As for the effects, it really worked for my mum. I often eat the soup (she goes back on the diet every once in a while, whenever she gets around to making it) and find it tasty and filling, but then again I've been a vegetarian for a long time and have always had ecclectic tastes, haha.

Best of luck and remember not to get carried away with this or any diet. Cheers!

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Fiber- start every morning with a high fiber cereal within an hour of waking.

Lots of cardio!

Though it sounds contradictary, drink plenty of water and consider a caffeine-free diuretic in safe doses.


Fastest way to lose excess water weight and look less puffy. Does wonders and it doesn't have to be unsafe or throw off your health at all.

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