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Correcting bad habits...?

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Hey folks, I'm just wondering what some of your methods are for correcting bad habits?


I have one that is particularly bothering me, and I'd really like to stop. I chew on my lips...sometimes to the point of bleeding. Its an unconscious thing, I don't even know I'm doing it usually until I hurt myself. Its really a pain, and since I know someday my LDR will turn into a close relationship, its obviously something I want to change.


Chapstick was recommended a long time ago, but that usually just creates a layer that I seem to want to chew off even more... >


Anybody have any ideas?

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I actually have the same problem, but I don't do it when I have lipgloss on. Another idea is to sleep with chapstick on, because then when you wake up your lips will be smooth and you won't have an extra layer of skin on your lips.

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Most habits come from somewhere or something. Try and think back to when you first started to do this. It might be a way for you to cope when you are nervous. If you can find the root of the cause then you have a good chance of stopping it. Ask yourself this: What triggers it? When does it happen the most? You can stop if you put some thought and effort into it.

good luck



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The "just stop" attitude only goes so far. I do it for like a day because I -focus- on it all day...and the next day I forget and don't even realize I'm doing it. The hardest part is not even noticing I'm doing it.


Like, I was doing it just now....as I'm talking about doing it. >


Its something I can remember being told not to do for as long as I know.

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