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im 16 years old and i really like a girl who is only 13. now before every one starts saying things lie "omg you pedophile" and "you should be reported" shes turning 14 soon she has a very late birthday and theres really only 2 and a half years between us were really good friends and im pretty sure she used to like me before i liked her,but now shes crazy for some guy that she goes to school with =/.im worried because it seems like over the summer our friendship has deteriorated because weve both been to busy to talk to each other, a few months ago we would talk on the computer for hours into the night and would have 7 hour AIM conversations until like 2 in the morning. now id be lucky if they last more than 20 minutes... ive made it quite obvious that i like her but she just wouldnt get the hint, or she just didnt wanna say anything, now like i said shes crazy about a guy that she goes to school with the dillema here is that i dont want to interfere and i want her to be happy, but at the same time i can tell there not right for each other and theyre not gonna end up together. i wanna tell her that i like her but i just cant, i dont know why...does anyone have any input on this?

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i don't think you're enough older than her to be classified as a pedophile, but that doesn't mean it still isn't illegal. So you could still be arrested, but on a lesser charge because you're a juvenile.


>>i can tell there not right for each other and theyre not gonna end up together.


Nobody's 'right for each other' or will end up together at 13. This is the age where you are thinking about lots of people, just discovering love/infatuation and who you are. So she's right to make lots of friends, and not get serious with anybody.


I know this is hard, but you should be dating girls your own age and recognizing that she is too young for you and in fact for dating anybody yet. She should just be hanging with a lot of friends and crushing on a lot of guys with no expectations for a real relationship or sex.


So you need to let this go and pursue girls your own age.

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Not a big deal at all.


I met my ex when I was 17 and she was 14 and we were together until this past January -- 8 years.


But I agree with BeStrong, don't worry about things being so serious. Have fun and 'date' her, but don't deny her or yourself the oppurtunity for other relationships.

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if you're 16 divide by 2= 8 +7=15.


This is the "half plus 7 rule" which is a pretty good rule when you think about it. 13 and 16 is only 2.5- 3 years apart while that NOTHING to someone who's 30 and 33- it IS a big deal at 13 and 16 when you're 19 she'd only be 16 and can't come drink with you for another 3 years! Anyways that's the "rule" on age... Yes, I know it's broken often but it's definatly a good guideline.


As for her and you- she's made it VERY clear it seems she's interested in someone else. It would seem like you had your chance... (when you were talking 7 hours...) but now that chance is gone.


As agent says: her talking to you less is proabably her way of saying: no, sorry- there's someone else now. You yourself are young... I'm sure there will be many more young, sweethearts in your life- just let this one go.

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13 seems a little young to be even getting involved in a lesser of an adult relationship. Perhaps you should let this one go, im not gonna say find someone more your age but she's too young to even know how to carry a relationship. I could be wrong, she could be one of those "mature" girls but let's face it...it's illegal to be even with her even if you didn't lay a hand on her. Be careful with this one, it could bite you hard.

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um, hahaa no this is NOTHING, when i was 13 i was with middle age men because i didn't look it and we shared interest in movies and jazz so yeah but they didn't know i was 13 because i dress and look how am like now


Yikes. A 13 year old girl and a middle-aged man!


I don't care what type of movies and music you are into, that's beyond inappropriate.

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In reply to the comment about 13 year olds and middle aged people. Thats sort of sick. I would just about want to kill any man or woman that was middle aged messing with my 13 year old child. You might think it was okay because you were in that situation but someone that old had NO business messing with a child.



As for the original poster. 13 and 16? While that is not that far apart you are at different stages in life. She is what going into the 8th or 9th grade? You Id presume are going into 11th grade? Thats a big age gap at your age.


Question? Do her parents know about this, are they okay with this?


I'd say take it slowly. Don't rush into a steady boyfriend/girlfriend thing. Take time to get to know her. In the end its not 'illegal' for you to like eachother..


But at your ages and especially hers sex should be out of the question.

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