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I have been in a relationship with this gut for 3 years, and we are quite happy. Recently I moved and we have been having a long distance relationship. The thing is I think he may be seeing someone else because of things I have heard from my friends.

I don't wanna believe it but, he cheathed on his previous girlfriend.

I don't know what to do!

I have plenty of people i could see at my new school, but I still wanna be with my bf.

Any suggestions?

Please help!

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I would talk directly to your boyfriend about it, based on what you have heard. It is a problem that needs to be resolved. If he has been cheating on you then there is a problem of trust. If he can't be faithful to his past girlfriend, and if it is deemed true that he can't be faithful to you, I would choose someone who you can rely on. Staying with your boyfriend depends on how you much can tolerate and put up with.

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Well, for now I think you should trust his comments unless proven otherwise. The comments of your friends would indeed hurt. I would be observing your boyfriends behaviour in the near future to see if he treats you any differently than before. If he appears apathetic or cool towards you then that could be a sign that he cheated on you. If he is still bright and happy with you, then perhaps everything is okay.

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