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The road I'm on...


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I loved you and cared for you a lot, but we are not ready for each other at this time...


My heart is not in it at this time


These are some of the words that I have heard in the past few days...


I'm in limbo...waiting for her to figure out what she wants with her life. I think it's been this way for a few months. She's been really distant from me lately, like she is there physically, but not mentally if you know what I mean...I sensed it, but the moron that I am, I didn't do anything about it then.


We decided to meet up today and I started the day thinking I would try my best to get her to stay, change her mindset, love me again...but by the end of the day when our so called date was approaching, I decided it would be best I just let her go. I realized that there is nothing I can do to make her stay...sure maybe for a few more weeks, but why drag it on if it wasn't meant to be. And so I respected her decision to be alone.


I love her so much, but it's so hard to just let her go. All her words today...everything she said was all about timing. Like she just wanted some time to be alone. She said "I wish we could have met in the future, when our minds and souls are ready for each other".


She left me with so much hope that maybe we'll get back together someday...How am I supposed to move on knowing that maybe she'll come back...That is not fair!! How could she do this to me.


Today is the first day I have cried in over 3 years. I have a lot of hurt to let out...


I've given advice to others on how to deal with this situation...the best thing to do is focus on yourself, on being a better person. But I find myself wishing that she would change her mind and heart and will find her way back to me. I wish I could take my own advice...

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Look behind you, and you'll see me waving at you. I'm riding this boat you're on with you to limbo land... Might as well get acquainted, hey? It's actually good that you've cried, where as I haven't even shed a tear, I want to cry, like I cry when I read an emotionally touching story on these forums.


I don't know if it's me bottling up my emotions or not, but I am grieving... and it hurts like hell, but it's better to go through hell than to stay there! You'll get through this... it's inevitable that most of us will.

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