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feeling about kiss or what?????

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ok, I don't know what or how my guy friend is feeling after a little kiss he gave me last week. Here is a little of what happened.....we were talking on New Years Eve and just really joking around, he gave me hug and told me happy new year. He hung around a little and then as I was going to leave he tugged on my shirt and then gave me a kiss on the lips. We have been close friends for so long. I was wondering how it was going to be between us after the kiss. Well I saw him for the first time today since the kiss. We was kind of playing around still just like he always has but when he came over to where I was with some of my other friends he really didn't look at me much or talk to me all that much either. He only stayed for a few minutes (talking to other people around me) but then he went over to some other friends and then he would look back ove to where I was. I looked at him and made a gesture of "what" and I was smiling and then he just smiled back. He is feeling weird or is he not wanting anyone to know what happened between us that night?

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From your post, it sounds like this guy has a crush on you. He wouldn't have kissed you if he didn't mean it. He's probably looking for a sign from you to see if you are interested in him in the same way. If you are, go for it! If not, tell him.

These are classic signs of flirting. You said you've been friends for a long time, maybe it's time for your friendship to evolve into something more??!!

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Hey I think he deffinitly likes you. Maybe he was just acting weird because he hasnt seen or talked to you since the kiss, and he is afraid of how you feel. He sounds like a really great guy, I'd say give it a chance, and maybe next time you get, tug on his shirt and kiss him again. You would deffinitly clue him in, if he doesnt already know.

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From what you've posted, it sounds like he wants to be more than friends. I would agree with tiger_lilies that he is looking for a sign that you would like to be more than friends as well. He probably is acting different because he is unsure of where he stands with you.


I think you two should discuss your friendship/relationship and see how you both feel. If you are worried that your friendship might be affected, well it already is. The best thing both of you can do is be honest with each other because the feelings won't go away. If you aren't honest, you (and probably him as well) will continue to wonder about your relationship.


Best of luck to you!

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