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Help! I want to orgasm!

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I am a female. I've done just about everything except sex and a blow job. My boyfriend and I have been going out for a little over a year. It's quite easy for me to make him orgasm, but he can't make me orgasm. Last night he went down on me for the first time, and it didn't really help. It didn't even neccesarily feel good, it just felt kinda weird. It gets to the point where he's licking it really hard and it feels very strange. It doesn't hurt, but it doesn't really feel good and I just want it to stop. I don't know if he's not being gentle enough, or he's just really bad at it. I've never had an orgasm and I want one really bad. Is there something I'm not doing (aside from sex) that he can do? We've discussed this in depth and we're both out of ideas. Help!!!

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If you haven't had an orgasm yet, it's very unlikely you'll have one through sex, by which I assume you mean intercourse.


The way you describe him licking you sounds a little odd. Are you sure he's touching you in just the right place? Orally, it generally takes a fairly light touch, although everybody is different. If he is in the correct place, it's possible your discomfort is coming from over stimulation. (Both men and women can be this way.) If that's the case, have him try to be nice and gentle. If you're unsure where the right place is, either check out some of the more informative sites on the Internet relating to female anatomy, or PM somebody you'd feel comfortable talking to about it. This one is fairly clean, informative, and complete: link removed It may help you on your quest.


If you're really insistent on having an orgasm soon, and if you exhaust all the helpful suggestions that people on this site are likely bound to give you, perhaps you could consider trying a vibrator.

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It sounds like this guy really sucks at eating you out, but to be fair and sympathetic if you don't know how to make yourself cum than the chance that any of us blokes can is zero to nil.


In the cunnilingus department, he should know that it's not about the amount of pressure you're exerting with the tongue alone. He needs to make sure that his tongue is very wet so he's not hurting you. Obviously if you're not properly aroused, going for the clit (assuming either of you knows where it is) is a real bad idea. I would say though that it's really nobody's fault here and that you should both go back to square one and figure out how to please yourselvese and then one another.


I have to say, props to the guy for being willing to try cunnilingus before ever getting fellatio. That's a rarity.

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Is it the mechanics? or is it in the mind?


Even for guys, they can get stimulation and if their minds are distracted or not into it, they lose their arousal etc.


I wonder if you know how to flip into a day dream or fantasy to warm yourself up as well. There is more than just the physical part of it.

Think about your favorite actor or performer attending you while

you try different stimulation.


BTW, others mentioned vibrators, I have also heard of shower head water massagers and the like for external stimulation as well.



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hey never used to be able to orgasm until i bought a vibrator and it works very well...but still it would take me like an hour

so heres an awsome tip my sis told me and it works so well its amazing i can have a orgasm in like 3 mins

lay on ur bed on ur back..knees up..like feet touching bed

move ur feet about 2 ft apart then open ur legs so the sids on ur knees are close to the bed then lift ur ass off the bed and flex....do that while ur playing with ur clit.. when u get tired just out ur ass down and stop playing with ur clit then do it again in a few seconds

seriously this flex thing works so awsome i can cum like 20 times in an hour and even have g spot orgasms and even squirt its so cool\plz tell me how it works

u should play with urself for awhile so u no what feels good

good luck

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I know i might be 16 but i know "alot" about the female anatomical makeup.


First thing is for him to kis your well vagina. Then kiss you on your lips giving you this funky feeling that you know he is in charge.


Next just lie there and let him do his work he is probably as scared as you are.


Let him suck and bite your nipples.


Then you go onto the clit


Let him suck and lick gentely yet frim until you get this tingiling feeling.



Next let him insert his penis into your vagina.


ohh i see. Well sooner or later he will pop the cherry(if you are stil la virgin) Have you tired anal sex?

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