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Keeping things slow?


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One way that I'm able to keep things slow is to simply keep the mindset of finding out if this is a person I want a relationship first, before I give them all of my affection. It forces you to move slowly as well as you dont get as attached up front if things do not work out.

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Why are you assuming there will be "the end of the show"? If two people are right for each other and both feel like moving forward quickly there is no reason not to. Why deprive yourself from what is naturally occurring? If you are feeling you want to go really slow maybe you haven't found the right person for you yet. But obviously, that is your decision so I would just be open with the partner in the beginning and let them know you are intending to keep things slow at first and see how they feel about that. Don't try to move slowly without discussing with your partner, why keep them out of the loop? If they like that then they are right for you, if not find someone that will move slowly also



because all of my relationships started with going really fast! and ... none of them have worked out so i'm trying to do something different

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