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I need some major help on life :(


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Didnt know where else to post this let me start by saying.


My girlfriend broke up with me for that "Im young and need to be single and experience more" about a month ago. I was devistated i had a clear picture of what i wanted to do and where i was going in life...


Im sorta over her but i still think about her and where my life is headed.


Its easy for me to talk to girls the thing is i talk to so many at the same time but i dont want a fling i want a relationship.


I talk to so many that i cant keep 1 person they all start to drift away from me 1 by 1.


I never really left My city only been to 1 other state and im 22.


I Work what i feel is a dead end job.


I want to travel and just get the hell out of where im at but i have so many friends and i support my mom


I recently looked up the navy but i got to get my ass in gear for it.


I feel its the only option left and i feel on the verge of a break down.


WHAT should i do ?

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Many times I've dealt with the smae difficulties. The thing is you've got to do whatever your heart tells you. You know your job is going nowhere, you say you have too many friends and you your mom is where your city is, but what difference is the navy or another city. Save some money, find a friend whom is willing and go somewhere you'd like to go.


If you really want to join the navy then find a recruiter and DO it. You don't really have to get your ass in gear, they'll do that for you.

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