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What are my ex's motives ?

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My ex broke up with me in Nov for various reasons (one being to try and teach me a lesson)


Anyway since then she has been in regular contact and we slept together a few times. I moved out of the country a couple of months back and the week before that we spent the night together in a hotel in a different city.


So here i am in another country and she is still contacting me regularly, we went 2 weeks with no contact and she buckled and contacted me, she asked questions like;


"how are the women treating me"

"do i miss home" (i said no) she said "do you not miss it at all"

she says "i bet the women in (city name) are missing you, s*ut"


I have no problems in pulling the ladies and my ex knows this


The text messages lasted about 4 hours and a phone call of 20 min (she sounded a bit distant when i told her on the phone that i didnt plan on coming home) i ended both contacts first


She wants to come visit me here which is strange coz she never had any desire to visit the country im in. One thing she often says is that i "dont care about her" and in one message she called me an *******... she also says i must be "bored" if im texting her back..


Im obviously over analyzing everything here so i need a netural opinion ?

Is it obvious that she still has feelings for me or does she just see me as a friend ?


Man my head is wrecked from this..

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She obviously has feelings for you otherwise she wouldn't have slept with you. I think she's stringing you along in hopes you'll confess your feelings to her fully, in short she's only seeking attention.


I suggest NC whatsoever, ignore txts, emails, phonecalls and move on. Apparently she was trying to teach you a lesson, and the lesson you learnt is she doesn't show much appreciation or respect for you as a human being. You're better than that, so allow yourself the time to move on because you don't deserve this.

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Sounds to me she missed you and cares about you and maybe wants to be with you .......you're there she is here .....hard situation ........ask yourself waht do you want.......do you miss her or do you wish to go out there again all alone in a new place and meet someone new .....


Thats totally up to you ........you said you can get the ladies, thats the easy part.

Having a relationship that is meaningful and that lasts is the hard part ......I'm not sure why she would call you a S _ _ T though ...sounded a little crass to me.


I think she is jealous ....plus you left her. And now maybe she wants you back.Sometimes we want what we can't have.



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Id love to move on and forget about her but the problem is after all this time apart i have realised that i still love her..


Meeting all these other girls has been great, and my ex knows i am meeting them but its the ex i still think about..


I mean how many girls would travel to another country to sick there ex boyfriend ?

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So i text her today saying that i hoped she had a good holiday and that i was thinking about her a lot (i realised that i want her) and the reply she sent me knocked me to the ground..


She said "Im still on holiday, with my boyfriend actually, sorry your still thinking about me but there is nothing i can do, you left england.."


What was that all about... 6 weeks ago we spend a night together in a hotel and she was single, last week she wants to come over and visit me, then today she tells me she has a boyfriend who she is on a foreign holiday with... wow she moved fast....


I just responded by saying "i had to leave, i thought you wanted nothing to happen between us and i couldnt be just friends with you, hope he treats you how you deserve"

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Sounds like you were a booty call bud. Not all bad but you put your heart into it and got stomped. Sorry for that. I hope that response from her got the message accross to you, "I'm not to be trusted".


It's hard to do but move on my friend. Oh and the next time her saggy ego needs a lift... don't bother answering her. Blow her off like the belly button lint she is.


Peace out.

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