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I have a big lump on my lower back...

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I had a Medial Branch Pain Block Procedure (needles stuck into spine) done on my lower right side of my back on the 20th of this month. It took sometime to heal but everything is not as sore and almost back to normal... everything that is except where he stuck one of the needles there is this big knot/lump.


I had 3 needles stuck into my spine and into the nerve. They then sent volts through the needles to "numb" the nerve for about a year. The needles are about 3 inches long, though I doubt he sticks it all the way in... I don't know.


Anyway the other 2 injection sites healed up fine. But this one... it started off as a little tiny bump and now it is the size of 2 fingertips and is rock hard. It is only a little sore but it keeps growing. Which is starting to make it more sensitive and sore.


I do have bruising around the area they stuck the needles in but that is to be expected....



Do you guys think this is normal?????

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omg, is this one of the things that had done to you by your husband?


No, this was a procedure for a herniated disk in my lower back caused by my arthritis. I have a bad back.


Dunno; I would think that all three sites should theoretically look and feel similar. When are you seeing Dr. Octopus again?


See, that is what I thought to DB. I see the doctor again this Sunday for another pain block on my left. I will be high as a kite on Valium (really hate it actually, no way I am getting on that table otherwise though...) so I will have to tell my husband to remember to tell the doctor to check it.

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Don't they examine the sites to see how they're healing so you don't need to rely on your husband to do the asking? Or can you call ahead and tell the doctor to make a note to have a look at that when you get there?


Ghost may be right about it being a cyst...but is it warm or red? Hopefully it's not infected. If it's sore it MIGHT be, so maybe you should have it checked before Sunday?

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Thanks guys I called the doctor's office and they said they would check it on my next procedure appt on Sunday.


Ghost, you are right. They said sometimes cysts form but that they need to check it just in case because it shouldn't be getting bigger.


On a side note I am running a very small fever and have felt like yuck for the last couple days. I am hoping this is to do with just being sick (very common with me, bad immune system) and not my back.


Thanks for the replies!

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