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Those past 'mistakes'

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I've only dated 3 guys, most of them ending because of something I didn't see.


The first guy I dated turned out to be very obnoxious and not serious enough. Oh, and he also came out of the closet. I actually found it very funny later on when my mother said "Why am I not surprised? D after I told her.


The second guy I dated was alright. I really liked him, but he didn't like me as much as I liked him. He was also too sarcastic for my tastes. I guess I wouldn't call him a mistake. He just didn't work out.


The last guy had to be the worst. In the first 3 months, it great. But then we started having small argument every day, which lead to really BIG argument every other day. He abused me, never letting me do what I want and such. So at 6 months, when I finally had enough, I said I was done. He called for days afterwards, stalking me and such. x__x


I was wondering if anyone else had had these kind of 'mistakes' in the past? Did they turn out to be a stalker, or was there something you couldn't see until you got to know them that bothered you in the end?


Please let there be somebody! I don't want to feel like I'm the only one who attracts the wrong people! @___@

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Aside from the gay guy, it just sounds like those were people you were not compatible with. I think everyone has experienced that (or will). Two of the girls I have dated cheated on me. Those are the only ones I might regard as "mistakes" just because they somewhat damaged my trust for women.


But I have definitely felt like I am attracting "bad apples," if you will.

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