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Is this good?


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So lets start out with some history before I ask what to do.


I have hurt this girl by acting immaturely.


We were together for almost a year before I brought up some past events that I wanted her to know about, because I plan, well I planned, on being with her for a long time.


She ended up breaking up with me, yet we still talk almost daily.


What I mean is we talk several times a day on a day without a fight, useually even when we have fights.


Finally I understood that I needed to forget about it, which I had done, but I kept bringing it up, leading her to wonder if I ever forgot about it, it took her telling me this unfortunately.


Well right now she is at a condo 2 hours away with a friend(girl) and my ex has been talking to other guys on myspace, I thought she was for awhile, but she told me so today.


I have no idea what she talks about, I could figure out how to hack in but that would be stalker like, immature, and low.


After our last fight I said, "Do you want me to talk to you anymore or not". Trying to figure out if she was past me and moving on to whoever she was talking to on the internet, or people she saw.


She called back a little bit later and said I could call her, and we had a nice conversation, she will be at the lake (in her condo, well her parents condo) until saturday.


She changed from Friday to Saturday which leads me to believe that she wants to go to a party.



I read that thread on reverse psycology, great stuff, and I feel like now she may be keeping me around for some comfort or what not.


What does it seem like?


On the other hand I know all this crap was caused by me and she has been in great pain since we broke up and I want her to figure out if she could heal from the wounds I gave her, and come to love and trust me again.

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