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What do you do?

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What do you do when you have friends that don't really want to do the same things you do? I've always been trying to get my friends to do something different and it happens every once in a while but not as often as I would like. I was hoping over the past semesters to make new friends, but haven't had much luck.


Now, I wouldn't give up my friends but sometimes I just end up getting tired of doing some of the same things every time we hang out. So, what do you do when you're in this kind of predicament?

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My two close friends can never decide what to do, and whenever we plan something it never works out. For example, we were supposed to go to an amusement park last Sat. After much dilly-dallying, that didn't work out. Now they want to go this upcoming Sat (and I'm a bit pissed since I have other plans that now I have to plan around).


Most times, with my buddies, if I want to go do something, I usually do it myself, since I can't count on them.

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Certain friends fulfill certain needs. No one friend can be everything. So maybe these friends you have now are good for what you guys have in common at this point. If you want to do other things and they aren't interested, you can find new friends who are interested in that and it doesn't mean that you're dropping your current friends. It's just expanding your social network.


I'd say if you want to do other stuff, go do it and you'll meet others who are interested as well.

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I have a group of guy friends back home that ritualistically play computer games in the basement. On the weekends they will sit out in the backyard and drink a few beers but by the end of the night they are back downstairs. It's totally fine if you are in the mood for that sort of thing, but after awhile it gets boring and after that it gets plain annoying.


You may just have to accept that they aren't going to budge until they get fed up with the life they are living. If they never do then that's not your issue... but it can be if you let it hold you back. I say go out and do the things that interest you. In all likelihood you'll meet other people doing the same thing and possibly make new friends. You can always invite your other friends along and maybe one day they will join.


Good luck to you



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Yea, it's always god to just forget your friends sometimes and do the things you want to do.


For instance I have a month off from school since my summer semester just ended and i'm trying to figure out what to do. I know I want to do all kinds of stuff that I know some of friends wouldn't go for because of their crazy work schedules and they probably wouldn't take a day off work for it. So, I'm stuck on my own with it.


I just have to figure out what to do....

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Let me ask this general question....I'm on the road to making new friends, however I want to become that easy-going talkative kind of guy except I'm not.


So, my problem is that I don't think I'd feel comfortable going to a social event by myself, as it would feel awkward trying to go there just to meet people. So, my question is...


What do you guys think about going places to meet new people and where do you usually go?

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