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For Love--

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Just a poem I wrote about love and being in love. Not that I would know much about that from experience...


For Love--


Don't you want to spend your days

Living in a lovely haze?

Filled with laughter and wonderment

Giving ourselves one hundred percent

To the whims of our imagination

And the truly orgasmic sensation

Of knowing we'll never be lonely

Because you're indeed my one and only.


I would love to spend my time

enjoying the absolute sublime

Nature of all things here on Earth

Like you, your smile, your mirth,

Your eyes, your lips, your skin

All the love you hold within

The bounds of your enormous heart

In which, my love, I do impart.


I have the urge to spend my life

As the bass drum to your beautiul fife.

Softly kissing from cheek to cheek

Hearing your angelic voice speak

The words I've always wanted to hear,

As I keep you close and hold you near.

You know exactly what you do

When you speak the words, "I love you."

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