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Occupying myself during NC


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It's nearly been a month of NC. This means absolutly no speaking to the other party, though I have checked the livejournal once or twice as I'm sure she's read some of mine. Beyond that I've been trying to go out and about, meet new friends and occupy myself.


The problem is that as soon as I come back home to an empty room, no friends online and a blank space for what to do in the evening; I become worrisome again. I just got back from a road-trip to see a friend that was very much fun and was going to go with my brother to his place up north. In the downtime I'm not so much thinking of my ex, but reading anything by her, about her just keeping on with her life makes my chest twinge, which it shouldn't.


Even after being in NC and occupying myself that twinge is still there. I'm going to keep up the NC for even more time, but it seems like I'm not forgetting or getting over the girl as I would like, even with going out often and making adventures.


Any suggestions?

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Why put yourself through that, man? That's just asking for your chest to twinge.


Seriously, everytime you think of her- even a bad memory, one that makes your blood boil and your stomach heave- stop it. Spend your downtime drawing, writing, something else. Even if you suck at them, do something creative.


It always helps me!.0

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Read a book or surf the internet. And by surf the internet I don't mean Myspace.

I just started my no-contact and it doesn't seem to be helping either. Keep yourself out of your house as long as possible. Delete your ex's phone number from your cell so it doesn't ever pop up. Try not to dig through old stuff because I seem to always stumble upon things that wind up hurting (a letter I wrote a few weeks after we started dating praying to God that it was true love and would last forever, instead it only lasted 4 years). Pick up shifts at work, pick up a hobby.


Keeping busy is the only way to keep doing NC. But like you, I'm still waiting for results.

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While I was keeping busy I kept getting reminded of the ex. On my way during a long trip I happened to stop at a service station on the New York Through-way that me and girl had stopped at on our way to the first concert. Hadn't remember till I got in there. Yeah, its everywhere. I'm trying to get it all out of my head and do other things. Thanks for the support.

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Being a college student it is very very difficult to get a job anywhere near my small town for the reminder of time before school begins again. Though I do have a job and lovely activities for the school year lined up.


Ballroom, Work-study, too many classes for my own good, other various clubs.

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Best thing for me was working out.


Loud music, pain, sweat...works wonders. I know gas is going up, but just driving around, blasting the music, helped calm me down when I had my moments.


Staying away from the computer helps a lot too.

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