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Help! I don't know what to do


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My girlfriend and I have been going out for quite a while now and in the next few weeks I am going off to college and she is going to be in high school for one more year. I will only be an hour away. My dilemma is that we decided to break up so that things wont be so complicated when I leave. But the problem is that I love her a lot, and she still loves me. Now I don't want to hold her back of having a normal life if we were to stay together, ex: i dont want her to have a boyfriend when she goes to college if she wants the normal experience. But I still can't help thinking, what if she is the one? I know were young and some people may say that it's just puppy love, but I don't want to risk letting her go if she's ultimately the girl for me. I don't want to bring this on her because it was already unbearable to break up, and I don't think it's fair to put her through this. So if anyone has any advice or past experiences that they can share with me that would be great.

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let her go and get the college experience. trust me, this more than likely will not work out. she will be a senior and you are in college. 2 things i think everyone should basically experience single. if you do love her so much, you guys will reunite later.


sounds to me like you just don't want another guy around her.


how long is quite a while?

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Well my thoughts are, if you truly love each other, then you wouldn't think of ending it. If you both want to be together, you'll make it happen.


Otherwise, if you want to experience the college life single, then thats another story. You can't have both.


You can give it a shot, and try and make it work. If it doesn't, well than atleast you can say you gave it a shot and won't be wondering 'what if'


I spent my entire college years in a relationship. Did either of us suffer? No. We both enjoyed our college years, we partied, had large groups of friends, had a great time, and got to enjoy the company of having someone else to be there for us no matter what. But then again, our idea of 'enjoying college' was not out * * * * ting ourselves with other people. Everything else didn't stop because we were in a relationship.

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I agree with Asti. If you really love someone, why push them away because of circumstances changing? You wouldnt do this if you were married and both of you decided to go back to college or study.


I dont think that college or your final year of high school is something "that you should experience single"


I was single through the final year of school, but was not single AT all during my 3 years at university. And I dont think it matters either way, as long as you enjoy yourself, see your friends, get your work done and generally enjoy college/university life.


If you love her and she loves you, just make sure you have nights free where you see your new friends from college, and she sees hers from school.


Dont rush home after lectures to see her or whatever...stay and hang out at college and make some new friends. Join some clubs etc and set out adequate time to study.


You can still enjoy college/uni/school if you are in a relationship as long as it is balanced...


..just as you can still enjoy those things when you are married...

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