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That point when you can look at them and not feel anything

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After nearly 4 months now im at this point where I can look at pictures of her and not feel like I used to, is this a good stage in healing?, I can look back at the pictures of us an just see them as good times but now feel i've let her go and forgiven her, it's a wried feeling, I still hurt but it's weried, it's like I dont need her in my life now and im free and no one can hurt me anymore.

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i had to put all my pictures away. they brought back such great memories, which made it all the more sad.


it definitely helped. i still haven't looked at them, but they are not as seared into my brain as they once were.


what i find so sad is that you HAVE to part with that aspect of life if you are ever to move ahead. i still don't feel ready to let go. it feels too much like a death.


but it does sound like a good sign that you don't feel as awful. it is definitely possible to lose the intensity of emotion you felt for someone as time goes by.


good luck.

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I agree....you really need not to say wow...i kind of don't feel anything looking at our pictures or his photo. Its baby steps...next step....is when you totally forgot there was photo in your home of him. But it takes time...so do what you need. but realize if you do look at a picture of him and you together. Stare at you and give yourself a kiss for being such a strong person

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It's a great sign!


It means that you’re able to separate the past from the future. You value the memories and the good times you shared, but at this point that's all they are: memories.


Continue to do what you are doing and keep moving forward. You will literally start to feel yourself moving away from her, and probably very soon.

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