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having one of those "how am i gonna live without her?" moments..

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I really hate this. It's made worse by the fact that yesterday was my birthday. 30 years old and alone. I hate this feeling. I still think im not going to get by without her.


She texted me a simple "happy birthday" and nothing more. I didnt respond. I also havent gone on myspace in 5 days now and I'm sure thats why she's now snooping around. Im not responding or letting her know I'm here.


On the upside, I went on a jog and noticed a cute woman with a dog kinda eyin me a bit. I gave her kind of this "I saw you checkin me out" smile. She smiled back even more with a bit of a blush. That pretty much made my day.

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Happy Birthday for yesterday!!


Is she your girlfriend? Coz if she is, you deserve so much more. Maybe you should be upfront with her about how you feel. If it doesnt work out, dont lose hope, I know that sounds so cliche but its true.. she may not be right for you. Best of luck.

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Happy Belated Birthday, Dude!


Call this a new decade. You're doing the right thing by ignoring her. Forget her, because no good can come of it all. And you will find another girl who'll appreciate what she's got.


Speaking of which, technically, this is the decade you're supposed to get married in, so you've got something to look forward to


First step is to get rid of this one though, and you're doing well right now in doing so.

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Happy birthday, man!


I know what it feels like to spend your birthday alone. It's not always a fun feeling, but it's a start of a new chapter in your life. The good thing is that you've been taking care of yourself. It's a long road, but you're running it well. It never hurts to get your ego stroked.

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You will get by without her, I know it doesn't seem like it but in time things will get back to normal. I've been down this long lonely road once before and survived it, now i'm doing it all over again. This is never easy to deal with, regardless of the circumstances but it does get better.


Happy belated birthday, yesterday was my ex's birthday and I couldn't help but have that on my mind all day. There will be more moments like the one yesterday that will make your day, look forward to those.

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