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Does it catch up with these girls?

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These young teenage chicks that have perfectly portioned bodies. I see alot of them eating whatever the hell they want and not exercising at all. Some of these beautiful teen girls I see at work have fat parents though...


Do you think that most of these chicks in 10+ years time will get fat? I hope so.

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The ones that are well proportioned now, don't watch what they eat, and have large parents probably will see a change in themselves somewhere down the line. Don't always assume they're not actually looking out for themselves though. Some do, but seem to like to hide the fact they work to keep in shape. Many of course don't try to keep in shape, they just look the way they are naturally. It will likely change for many of them.


Of course, there are also people who are just not prone to loosing their girlish figures. Just a fact of life. There are couple like that where I work, they eat a full mean every day at lunch, more than many of the larger guys (for example) and it' quite clear they have a metabolism such that they just don't gain weight. These people can sometimes have an issue when they are ill and lose weight, and can't put it back on very quickly.


All kinds of people, all kinds of shapes, size and genetic makeups. Nothing you or I can do about how other people are, one way or the other.


But I, for one, rather hope they don't get fat !!

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Absoluetly they will get bigger. I am a true believer in genetics being the primary driving force behind how we will look at 40 and 50.


I was a tall, athletic HS student. None of the boys paid much attnetion to me, they were all my buddies. All the boys were into the short chicks with the big boobs (early puberty= body fat), and the tight butts in jeans.


Well, I went to my HS reunion in '97. I was amazed: all the GIRLS looked the same with the same hair, all were still 5'3 but now weighed about 140 pounds. I couldn't believe it. They had all continued eating the way they had in school and looked like hell.


I on the other hand, was a towering 6'1 @ 160 lean pounds with curves. I highly recommend that all the young guys choose the taller girls who's mothers look very similar. I am aging quite nicely (did get a boob job to balance my body), but I work hard. Watch out for those tall girls....they turn into BOMBSHELLS...so I'm told!

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i know what you mean, i see really slim people everywhere. some of my mates can eat and eat and eat but not gain any weight.


there are reasons why these people can eat and eat and not again any weight, this could either be because:

a) you just dont see them do the exercise

b) they have an over active thyroid gland; or

c) their metabolism rate is very fast (not sure if those are same / related)


its not just teenage girls who dont do any exercise and dont gain any weight when they eat, its is guys too. both guys and girls can be as active as one another, not only the stereotype sports and activities for each gender but others, such as girls can play football etc and guys can dance for instance.

one of my guy mates is slimmer than most of the girls well infact most of the guys are. they can all eat for england, the amount of junk food they eat is what i can only dream about.


so anyways, i do agree with the statement that people can be slim without any exercise, but it is both male and females who can. also that most of the time it catches up with them becasue they stop watching what they eat in comparision to the amount of exercise that they do, conciquently they become fat.


i personally have no problem with larger people, they are no different from you or i, just as Ash said, they are still the same person whether they are small or large


i think i have babbled on a little bit so im gonna stop, it was just my opinion

~LJ =;

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