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Liking a shy teenage guy who I've never spoken to


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I started liking this shy, nerdy guy at my high school because he would look at me a few times a week. Later on, it became a daily thing where he would stare at me 2-4 times a day. Now for the past 5 months he's done things like stare, watch me out of the corner of his eye, purposely stare ahead while we're passing each other, blush and get fidgety when I'm around, look very angry/jealous when I'm talking to other guys, etc. Also, a few of my friends have watched him look over and stare at me when I'm not looking and then he sometimes looks horribly depressed when I end up not looking back. And a lot of the time when I catch him staring he looks away immediately as soon as I look at him. Can someone tell me what's going on? Thanks

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Can someone tell me what's going on?


You started liking a guy because he would stare at you a few times a week, which grew into a daily habit. Both of you know it, everyone around you knows it, but you're both too shy to speak up.


Do it!! lol The suspense is killing me.

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You know what's going on!!! He's extremely shy and definitely interested in you. Go chat him up. Don't wait for him to chat you up as it might never happen!!!


Gotta agree with you here.


Some of the shyest guys I know are some of the coolest, kindest, smartest guys as well. However, they rarely ever put themselves on display for various (obvious) reasons.


So in this case, don't be afraid to show interest and talk to him... or else he might think you're simply messing with his head and will silently give you the cold shoulder.

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Does not need to be anything fancy. Go say hi and have a few things (questions about class, opinions about the teacher, etc) that you both have in common, to talk about with him. Just some icebreakers to get it going. If you have something funny about class to say, go for it to help loosen him up a little. You don't have to worry about him wanting to talk to you as you already know he likes you big time. Be prepared that he may be really shy and quiet. You may have to open him up a little bit. Good Luck!!!

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