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Online Profiles: How do I write to a limited profile?


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Some people have elaborate profiles, and it's easy for me to show interest in them with an initial e-mail. I'll ask a few questions about their hobbies, latest travels or adventures, etc. And some information in profiles you just want to ask about to spark a conversation.


But every once in a while I see a girl who I think is very cute and is, physically, my exact preference. She'll also have a list of hobbies I am into, but she doesn't explain her personality, what she does for a living, etc. There is little elaboration.


How do I write an initial e-mail to them?


Yesterday I tried an e-mail with the subject line "You're cute but I want to know more!" I then asked a few questions related to her hobbies (they were vague like hiking and sports - where I am from, everyone likes these two hobbies).


Was this a bad approach? What else could I attempt?

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