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If you and your ex are back to speaking terms after few months of NC, and you have both spoken about POSSIBLE getting back together, how do you initiate it?

How do people get back together?

I'm afraid to call him and text to ask to hang out, i don't want to jump into this too fast but at the same time I'm so excited to have him sort of back in my life that I don't want to lose my chances. I'm also afraid that I will get attached again and it will not work out, and I'll be back to square one with being heartbroken. I just dont get it, I'm getting to the point that if I dont hear from him all day I panic, like today. I was hoping to at least get a text but nothing


Can someone please help me and advise on how to reconcile SLOWLY, without rushing into the relationship. I seem to be having a very hard time with it and I'm absolutely petrified of getting hurt again

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I'm in your exact position right now.


I haven't heard from her all day, and it's slowly killing me. Though in another way, I'm glad, since she'd digging a deeper hole for herself, allowing me to distance myself farther from her upon need, and distancing myself from the possible hurt.


Starting slow, as friends, is key. Ask him out for coffee, a walk, whatever, and get back into his daily life happenings. Once you have some ins, take interest, and soon enough, he'll ask you out once in a while. Upgrade from one meeting every two weeks to a meeting a week, then to two meetings a week, and see how it goes. If he's obviously interested, ask him what he would think about a real date, and you're set.

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Never had that problem.


Normally and if I and an ex have spoken of reconciliation, we start that reconciliation immediately and spend time together. I've never had to second guess, whether I should call him to hang out or not. Either he's been calling me a lot/or been here with me and putting as much effort in to make it work, as I am....

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