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30 + days NC, got "back to back" e-mails


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Well, I met the Super Dave Challenege of going 30 days. First few days were hard, but I sucked it up, and generally moved on. I did send a single e-mail 2 weeks ago (at members suggestion) because we had a mutual g y m membership, that she had just added me to. Since I had also taken over the financial responsibility for that dual memebrship, my communication was short, and simply asked that she take me off the membership and return the billing to her own card, followed by -Thank you. I did not say a word more- It was pure business.


So fast forward to yesterday, I get an email saying "Ill take you off this week!!" Thanks!! Well, the e-mail I sent her was over two weeks ago, and it did not ask for, or need a response. I really questioned the intent, since there really was no reason to say anything, just make the change right??


So today, I get another e-mail. She said she was cleaning her computer, and found an article about my dad. She said, "I thought you would like to see this"...



OK- so, here is what I think: She would not have an article about my dad on her computer.. so she was searhing for my last name and found this.. and now she doesn't know what to do, so she is sending me these whacky e-mails. I think if her plan was to move on, she would spare all this, and not be doing searches on my name for sure! I know I wouldn't do it - It leads to wanting...


I am not about to answer either e-mail - NC continues from my side of this.


I really dont know where this is going in terms of her, but Ill update if/when anything changes. What do you guys (girls) think about this??? Is she feeling the "miss" now, and thats whats going on?

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Let's say that she missed the hell out of you and told you so - what would that make you do?


Now let's say that right after that, and even say you have a makeout session or more, and she still, for one reason or another says she doesn't want to get back together with you at this time.........maybe 'one day' in the future....what would you do with that?


I'm of the mindset that a girl will let you know if she wants more. I'm betting money that the girl misses you and would like to hear from you. I think that if you were to contact her and say.."Let's catch up...", she'd probably be open to it. I also think that if you played it laid back enough, you may actually encounter something physical....


I don't think that all of the above would lead to your relationship with her beginning anew.


So, if you can handle just taking it easy with her, then do so. Otherwise, don't - because you may just end up finding out she's dating someone else. How would you handle that?


BTW, I don't think you should have to interpret that a girl misses you by sending some of these messages. They will usually tell you they miss you....


Best of luck,



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Is she feeling the "miss" now, and thats whats going on?




It will be the last ditch efforts to see if you do the movie scene: "Baby I love you!" Music plays.Kiss.


Ignore them and if they continue tell her shes got to stop unless you want to talk about being together, if thats what you want. She may be having trouble coming to terms that you will not talk to her at all anymore. Depending on how you feel and who broke up with who, you can 1: Ignore, 2: Reply and say "hey please stop, I dont think we should communicate." 3: Use the emails to resume communication and work from there.



Only you can truly judge what you want to do. Working with your head and not with your emotions is the best thing.

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Im just staying NC for now. I feel pretty good without all the drama.. Im just surprised she sent anything, because her charater is "I am a strong women, F off". period.. she doesnt fold up easy, at all... so i guess time will tell

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