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How to build self esteem.... a few tricks!


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Dear reader,


I have seen several postings about people having low self-esteem. I am sorry that you feel that way, but I do relate to you, since I had this problem myself. Yes, dear reader ... HAD!!!


My low self-esteem was just a small part of a much bigger problem: being pestered in school during childhood and teenage years. That does something to one's self-esteem and self confidence. Anyway, enough talking, let's get down to the trick.


This trick does not work overnight... it takes a little time. As of a few months ago I started to sing, because someone told me that it sounded really great. I recorded myself, but oh oh oh ... I thought I sounded so bad. Still others found it great. I thought about this and what I did to overcome my low self confidence on this, is I kept singing and I kept listening to myself. As of now, I find it pretty normal when I hear myself singing and I feel okay with it. In fact, I am in peace with this.


This works for pretty much anything! You think you don't look good? Stand in front of the mirror for 15 minutes every day and stare at yourself, not missing one piece of your body.


Meanwhile keep this in mind: you have to love yourself first, before you can entirely love someone else


I hope this helped some of you ... good luck!!


~ SwingFox ~

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Great tips, Fox! I definitely think that this would work with anyone. Try to learn to accept and enjoy who you are. I did this with poetry and art. It was just a way of releasing my feelings...I never thought it was anything special. Actually, I didn't think it was that great at all. But others did. I took even the smallest comment from someone and focused on that compliment. As I began to write and draw more, I found that I began to accept it and soon I actually thought...hey, it's not bad!

I would like to add that one trick I have done myself and have passed on to others is this:


Everyday, smile at yourself in the mirror. A good smile , and hold it for a bit. Whether you have something to smile at or not, just look at yourself smile and in a happy state. It doesn't make everything all better, but it does feel sorta good to see a smile ...especially if it is your own.

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