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Panic attacks

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I stay on a pretty strict schedule, because if I don't, I'll forget everything I'm supposed to do. (I have MS and forgetfulness is normal I guess.) I write everything down in my phone's scheduler, but sometimes changes in my routine can really freak me out.


Like today I was supposed to go to the dentist at 3pm. I had it in my phone to go, so I got around and had plenty of time to get there and be a little early too. But, as I was driving there, the road I always take was closed for construction. So, I attempted to drive around the construction but the roads were all back-roads and I got very lost. I never made it to the dentist. I was lucky to find my way back to a road that was familiar, but by that point I just wanted to go home.


By that point I was having a panic attack. Whenever something doesn't go according to my original plan, I get one of these and it happens often enough to mention it here. What's the best way to calm down from a panic attack? Anyone here deal with them and how do you get them?


I normally just try to get home (somewhere comfortable) and I used to live by a restaurant that made my favorite so I would sometimes get my favorite there to take home when I'd panic, as like comfort food or something.

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If i ever i feel panicked i do the "then what" ... what i mean by that is we often times take something simple and turn it into a huge thing... lets take your situation today:


you miss your dentist appt...


ok.. then what


you don't get to the dentist...


ok then what?


you call and let them know that you won't make it...


ok then what?


while on the phone you make a new appt...


then what?


you go to your new appt and in the meantime take some preventative measures by figuring out an alternate route...


i have to do this with myself... so that i realize that these little changes and situations that are out of my control... just happen and they aren't life threatening...

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I have a GPS thing but the roads to the dentist are country backroads so there is no signal for phones or anything. It sucks. Oh well. I have calmed down. I was just curious how other people dealt with their panic attacks and how they got them.

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