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I started seeing this guy at the start of the summer. We got on really well, we were getting really close, but we agreed not to make it "official" or get "tied down to each other" because we knew he was going away for a month so there was no point in starting something brand new. I wasn't planning on seeing anyone else or anything while he was gone, I figured a month isnt too long to not kiss anyone. But then the night before he left he texted me saying "have as much fun as you want while I'm away. I expect you to. When I get back we'll see where to take it from there". So I figure he'll be kissing other people while he's gone.

A few days later at a party there was this really really hot guy there, who I liked in the past, and my friend said liked me. He's in a similar situation as me, seeing a girl but not officially and she's gone away for the summer. Me and him talked for ages at the party and then ended up kissing.

Then I was talking to original boy on msn and he told me that he had to be honest with me, even though we're not "official" that he wanted to tell me that he'd kissed a girl on holidays. I said I didn't mind, I was cool with it and that i'd had a drunken kiss too. He kinda of just went "oh right ok" and then made excuses about running out of time and having to get off the internet, which totally could be true... but now I feel bad for some reason! Like maybe he thinks I wouldn't have told him if he hadn't told me?? I would have like to talk to him a bit more to see if he actually was ok with it. I suppose he can't not be considering he kissed someone too.

I feel like maybe I should sent him a mail or something now... not that I have anything new to say! Anyone been in a similar situation? Should I feel bad or anything??

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Harmless! Most likely he didn't like that you kissed some dude, but I don't think you were thrilled that he did.


He's probably sitting at home thinking: "damn, I know I didn't really want to know- but I had to know!" Yes, you're even know... see where it goes from here- as he said. You two should not bring this up again... it's no biggie! He did, you did.

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