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Regressed into a tailspin.

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We've been broken up for about almost 2 months now, and for the first month or so I was going ok. I really didn't lose a lot of sleep over it, never lost my appetite or significant amounts of weight. Problem is, in the last week or two I find that she is now constantly on my mind, even in my dreams. I have no problem falling asleep, but can't seem to get through the nights without waking up for no reason. I'm staring at my phone again, wondering, waiting for a phone call that never comes. I haven't gone entirely NC, it was LC for a long time and we might talk a little more now than we did initially.


Was I just in denial for the first little bit? There wasn't really a trigger that changed things, but I find that I'm just so very sad all the time now. I guess the hardest part for me is losing my best friend and companion at the same time. We were at times inseperable, towards the end we drifted and that's where the problem began I guess.

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I think that now the reality is hitting you - she isn't coming back. In the first while there is always that hope but as time goes by it fades and realisation kicks in.


It's part of the process and a necessary one. Once you are through it things will be a lot better.

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