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What to say... 2

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Ok... lets start this again.


I'm A guy.- I like a girl that I know (or have seen a lot ) for more than a year. I should be in High school but that does not matter; I don't know this girl from any school just from church. I have talked to her before, say hi, etc, but never a conbersation just a short talk. What I wanted to know is how to make a conbersation. What is the most common thing to start one? the usual speech. I don't need to talk to her like I have never meet her before but, I what to talk to her or what I said before,- make a conbersation to get to know her better. Sometimes I feel like I'm too... too... well... not an emotional person. I only talk to her when she talks to me and I always look alroud when she is alroud me. Sometimes she does the same ( well.. most of the time!) but ... why should I be that way when being with the person I like rite? I think mabey because I'm the shy type like someone else has told me. I think so. I only talk to her when someone, anyone is not alroud and not much; thats why I what to know how to start a good conbersation!


Thanks!... 8) This one is almost the same as the other one but with more information.

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Hmm, the problem doesn't look like conversation, but rather interest. We can see you're interested in her, which is good, but the thing is, that point might not be coming accross to her, which is where it really matters. If you look too distracted, looking around a lot, it makes her feel bad, like she isn't wanted. And if she feels bad, she isn't going to talk, and if she isn't going to talk, there is no conversation. So what I would recommend is to show more attention to her, show her you're interested in what she has to say, try not to look around too much, don't let her think you're more interested in the surroundings than her; give her your full attention, let her know she's important. You do that and conversations will happen on their own.

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I think that you may be a little shy. You already talk to her, does she know much about you? Do you know much about her? NOt the simple things like her favorite color. Meaningful things such as, what do you plan to do with your life, sudden interests. Be confident!!, you can talk to her. Once you feel comfortable try and hang out with her. Nothin fancey, some place where you can relax and have fun. MY first little date was simply... youth group..my guy invited me and took me there and home..it was fun!...Try hanging out with her a lil more 1 on 1 rather then..Your there shes there..thats it..Hope i can help!

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