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We talked and new info to tell - what do you think???

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Ok, so last night and this morning were not good for me, I just missed him so much and miss talking more than anything. The baby has really been moving around more and I was just so sad that he wasn't there to partake in the experience. I even had nightmares about him last night telling me that he was moving on without me and didn't want me anymore. I woke up and almost didn't even come into work, I was so upset, I just wanted to stay in bed, but I rolled out anyhow and got here on time.


As I walk in to sign in I see him, he just happened to walking through the area and turned around for some reason and saw me. He said Hi and was smiling so deeply. I said Hi and smiled back. He walked over to me and started rubbing my belly and commenting at how he can't believe how big I'm getting - we both chuckled. We talked about our weekends and it seemed as though he didn't want the talk to end because he got all comfortable leaning on this table as we talked. He started rubbing my belly again and I told him how much the baby has been moving lately and that it stinks because he's not really around. I told him that I really wish he were around, but that I understand. He said that he does miss me, that he was actually going to contact me a few days ago to say Hi and see how I was, but that he fell asleep. He said again, I do really miss you, but it's just like you don't act right. I agreed and said, yeah, well I'm working on that. I told him that it's been hard because I want to tell him so much about what I've realized (I guess it looked like I was going to cry - I didn't think I was). He started laughing and saying..."Oh, don't start crying at 8 oclock in the morning on a Monday!" We laughed and I said I wasn't. I just finished what I was saying that because he's my best friend, there is so much that I've realized, but that since we're not really talking, I can't talk to him about it. He wanted to know right then and there what I've realized and I said that I couldn't...that maybe we could do lunch or get together some other time to talk about things. This whole time, he was just gazing into my eyes that I could have fainted. I'm just thinking "WOW, I love this man and I can see that he loves me...I'm an idiot!" So we both said we would talk later and said have a good day and walked away.


Around 9:30 am, my phone rang and it was him...he whispered "Hiiiiiiii!" like how he always would and I said the same back. He asked if I would like to go to get some coffee and so I said yes. We met and walked over, talking about the weather, etc. It was nice, but I could tell he was a bit crabby - he gets that way when he's tired, so I knew it wasn't me (before, I would think it was me and bombard with tons of questions!) We both said we would talk later when we came back into our building and went our separate ways.


About 15 minutes ago he was over on my side and I saw him in an office and he looked like he was in a bad mood, we waved, but he didn't seem happy. I emailed to see if he was ok and he said yes, that he was just tired and really busy. He asked how I was and I responded. I haven't heard anything back since, but what do you guys think so far?


I'm not going to bother him, call him, email him, etc. I feel really positive about this and I'm happy that I rolled my pregnant self out of my bed today and came into work! All I kept doing was praying last night for something...for me to see something and just know that he still cares.


So...I'm ready for comments!

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I do really miss you, but it's just like you don't act right.


Well that part is the key if you ask me.....maybe this guy is a lot like I am .......I'm a simple man with simple needs....If I love someone all I want in return is to know they love me back .....thats it ........


Maybe, just maybe....your splitting hairs here......trying to over figure out this whole thing. He may think your all about DRAMA ........guys don't really like all the drama ....they just want to be with you. Maybe you ought to just go wrap yourself around the guy and just take a leap of faith and say to the guy ...I love you, I need you, I want you, I want to be together again ......I want to come home. After all you are having a baby together, and that means you ought to be together ......this guy does love you, if you ask me you're the one keeping him at a distance. Maybe all you need is to ask for exactly what you want.


Follow your heart I always say ......someone has to give in at some point. And maybe that someone is you.


Something to ponder .......love will make you do that.


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