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Can the issue of an orgasm cause problems down the road?

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I've been dating this girl for a little over a month and I would say we have a great relationship, mainly due to the great communication we have. The last couple weeks we've gotten more intimate and she's given me several handjobs that were incredible. I wanted to make sure she was satisfied as well because I've been in a relationship believe it or not where I was the one not getting the orgasm. But anyway, back to my current girlfriend.


The first time she kept telling me she was really self-conscious and that that was the problem. This didn't surprise me because she is a pretty conservative person and I just chalked it up to that. The last two times she complained that it became uncomfortable at times even though I was being as gentle as possible and I made sure that my fingers were well lubricated and that she was wet. I'm sure I'll try to please her orally pretty soon but I'm not quite ready for that yet.


But for now, everytime the subject comes up she swears to me that it doesn't bother her. I'm very caring and affectionate towards her and I wonder if this is making up for my shortcomings with the orgasms. I'm the first guy she has ever messed around with so I know she has never had one before. I tell her that I only want her to be satisfied too and she says that she already is.


Is it possible that she is really not bothered by this or is she just saying so to make me feel better? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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She might not mind at this time. If you had a different attitude, she might feel differently. Keep trying, ask her how to please her, ask her to show you (grab her hand and pull it down to place it over yours and say show me how to do it), keep showing that you want her and it. I'd also advise you that you need to want it, it's not simply enough that you want her to feel good, you should want to have her get off from you.

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