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should i have waited longer?

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i've only been going out with my boyfriend for 2months but we started having sex at a month and a half into the relationship. It was my first time and i don't regret it, i love him. We both are old enough and responsible enough to have sex but i wondered if a month and a half into a relationship was wrong for my first time?? and also i don't call what me and him do as making love it is having sex...i believe there is a difference between having sex and making love...i want to make love to him but it always turns out as sex.


*not so angelic*

Any comments would be really apprieciated.

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Ok - you say you love him, but you guys have sex, not make love, even though that's what you'd prefer? What are you seeing as the difference between the two, would have to be my first question. And has he told you he loves you, or you him, or you just know you do at the point, but haven't talked about it? I know, seems I have more questions than answers - but it would make the picture a little clearer to give you a good answer!

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