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how do I know if she loves me..........

Petite Love

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ok 4 weeks ago, I met this girl at her workplace and she came and started talking to me, it was about 2 weeks ago from now that I asked for her phone number, she gave it and I called, we went on a date which was cut short due to her work that suddenly popped up, but during that date we talked a lot, she felt open and comfortable. most of her week has been filled with soft ball practice, studying, and work, so I can barely go on another date with her. I'm usually the one who makes the phone calls, she and I arrange a date. but her work always keeps her extremely late and we usually never have that chance to go on a date,

we try to keep a constant communication at the workplace and over the cell phone.


What is a easier way to arrange a date with her? and how can I tell if she likes me as a friend or loves me.

I'm not even sure what to do next...

please help.. me

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Sounds like she's too buzy to have a relationship even if she wanted one.


Since it's really new- I'd put the ball in her court, so to speak.

Say "Here's my phone number- why don't you give me a call when you have some free time and you want to get together."


Basically, let her be the one to ask for the date.


She could be unable to say no, and just be pretending to be busy. If she says no and you say- well how about two weeks from now, do you have lunch free? Any day that week? If she says No, what she really means is NO.


If this were a more developed relationship, you can both name one night your "date night" and you can't make plans to do anything but see each other on that night and that night only. This works for people with hectic schedules.

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